Lisa Brehm EllisOur Mission

Giving Back Technology (GBT) is an information technology company focused on creating easy-to-use, web-based products that help our customers better run their businesses.

Who are we?

GBT was founded by entrepreneur Lisa Ellis who has a love of technology and a passion for making it easy-to-use. Ellis has career experience in the public and private sectors building applications to solve problems and improving productivity. She has a strong desire to give back to others in gratitude for all her many blessings.

So how does GBT give back?

We have a pricing model that makes our product and services affordable to non-profit organizations and galleries that have limited resources. We essentially donate our time and expertise to meet your needs.

We also sponsor worthwhile causes and donate our services for very special events. In 2015, we will support the Quilt Alliance with the contest "Animals We Love.

Where are we?

GBT is located in Northern Virginia just outside our nation's capital.